SME: 6 Buying Tips for Used Machinery Sale in India

SME: 6 Buying Tips for Used Machinery Sale in India

By admin | March 19, 2021

For anyone setting up a business where machinery is involved, the biggest decision is whether to buy new or used machinery. While in some cases buying the latest models is the right way to go and then some believe that they can make their venture work by purchasing second hand machinery and make it work to their advantage.

Whether you are in construction, fabrication, or manufacturing, machines like VMC and CNC, injection molding, used woodworking, printing, and offset printing and food packaging machines cost a great deal when bought new. Exploring the options of buying used machinery can save you a lot of headache.

And if you are selling used or second hand machinery consider looking to smaller companies and offering them the old machines or look online where you can find many old machinery buyers and dealers.

Let’s explore all the advantages of buying used machinery!

Equipment at a Lower Cost

The price of new machinery is not something everyone can afford, so if you get a good deal on second-hand machinery that is in good condition, you are in luck. Moreover, if you are buying used machinery you’ll be paying fewer sales tax. Used industrial machinery for sale in India has seen a rise due to this factor.

Loan Availability

If you’re thinking of opting for a loan to purchase used machinery, you don’t need to fret. Loans for used machinery purchases are available with many banks around the country.

With the help of Electronica Finance Limited Finance businesses can opt for loans that increase their overall productivity and let them invest in better machinery too.


With online trading and e-commerce becoming the modus operandi nowadays, the availability of second-hand machinery dealers who sell or buy used machinery online has increased tremendously.

Second hand or used machinery dealers have the equipment ready and in stock to be shipped immediately after you place your order so you can start your work right away. And since the used machinery market India has seen a spike in recent years, you as a customer have many options.

Online Platform

Buying and selling machinery online has many advantages such as specialized online marketplaces with tailored industry-specific categories. With the help of online marketplaces, you can now buy used machinery for sale in Delhi, Pune, Ahmadabad, and even Rajkot.

Moreover, it is easier to compare market prices, brand options, and check credentials when buying an industrial machine online.

Auctions and Exhibition

Another popular choice for many is attending auctions and exhibitions where used machine tools and machinery are displayed for the public and potential buyers. This will give you an insight into the equipment, the dealer, the seller, the market, and a wide variety of selection and alternatives. Many second-hand machinery dealers in India opt for this avenue.

Environmental Benefits

Often the relative carbon footprint of production, raw material sourcing, and the supply chain is unknown. Quality second hand goods can be more durable than equivalent new goods like used woodworking machinery. You check out such sales of old woodworking, VMC machines, and used CNC machines in Chennai.

With an increase in small scale businesses and start-up firms, most opt for buying second-hand machinery and equipment leading to growth within the sector and employment for many.

If you’re looking to buy or sell used machinery, EFL Connections has everything your business needs. Apart from purchasing used equipment and machine loans, EFL Connections even offers Machines on Rent to give your business the boost that it needs.

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