How to Convert Your Normal Inverter into a Solar One?

How to Convert Your Normal Inverter into a Solar One?

Inverters help regulate the electrical voltage. Hence, they are found in several households these days. But increasing electricity costs are compelling people to look for better, cheaper, and more sustainable alternatives. So, what is the solution? Fortunately, technological advancements in recent years have allowed you to convert your normal inverter into a solar one. But how to convert your normal inverter into a solar one? Let’s see.

Reasons to Buy a Solar Charge Controller

How to convert your normal inverter into a solar one? The answer is through a solar charge controller. Now, why should you buy a solar charge controller? You have two reasons to do it. First, if you already have a normal inverter, the solar charge controller converts a normal inverter into a solar inverter. Second, you need it if you live in a location where the electricity supply is unreliable. 

What are the Components Required to Run an Upgraded Solar Inverter? 

You need two components to run an upgraded solar inverter – solar panels and a solar charge controller. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity using a semiconductor. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, solar charge controllers help convert a normal inverter into a solar one. Let’s look at some benefits of the latter. 

Benefits of Solar Charge Controllers 

Here are some benefits of solar charge controllers. 

  • They control the charging current and avoid overcharging 
  • They stop the reverse current that comes from the grid to the solar panel 
  • They help increase the battery’s life 
  • They keep the solar panel and the battery safe

Types of Solar Charge Controllers 

In the market, you get two types of solar charge controllers – PWM Charge Controller (Pulse width Modulating) and MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Let’s look at the difference between both. 

  • PWM vs MPPT Solar Charge Controller


PWM Solar Charge Controller 

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

Available at a low price 

Available at affordable price 

Available in a broader range 

Available in a limited range 

Small and compact in size 

Large in size 

Built on time-tested technology 

Increases efficiency by up to 25-30 per cent 

Apt for small-sized solar systems 

Appropriate for large-sized solar systems 

Available up to 60 amps 

Available up to 120 amps 

Normal Inverter  

Normal inverters mainly convert DC current to AC. They have many indicators indicating low battery, solar charging, eco mode, main charging, etc. Besides, they allow quicker battery charging and show that the load is running on the battery, solar panels or mains.

  • Types of Normal Inverters

Normal inverters are available in various types, including the following. 

  • Off-grid solar inverters 
  • On-grid solar inverters or Grid tie solar inverters 
  • Micro-inverter solar inverters 
  • Battery Backup solar inverters

Benefits of Converting a Normal Inverter into a Solar Inverter

Converting a normal inverter into a solar one offers various benefits. Let’s look at some. 

  • Helps curb electricity bills 
  • Enables optimal use of the existing inverter 
  • Increases solar battery life 
  • Stops the reverse current flow from the solar battery to the panel 
  • Prevents overcharging of the solar battery 
  • Handles the functions of the normal and solar inverter at the same time 
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a separate solar inverter, thus saving cost

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