How to Maintain Your Solar Rooftop Systems

How to Maintain Your Solar Rooftop Systems

By admin | December 17, 2021

Solar rooftops, as compared to other energy sources, require relatively low maintenance to function properly. That’s one of the many great things about them! The only maintenance they need is the regular removal of dirt, leaves, and other debris.

However, if the solar panels are functioning at a lower capacity than normal or if there have been periods of heavy storms; then extensive maintenance is extremely important. And as solar panels are a large investment, one must ensure that they take care of them.

So how do you make sure that your solar rooftop system lasts as long as possible?

If the panels of your solar rooftop are slightly tilted, then rain usually gets rid of the debris that accumulates. But during the dry seasons, it’s essential that you manually clear them of dirt and leaves. The process is pretty simple; all you need is some water and a soft brush. The brush must be soft and non-abrasive to not scratch the solar panels. A soft rag is also an effective way to clean the solar rooftop system.

Ensure that you do not use harsh chemicals to clean the solar panels as they could get damaged and damaged solar panels are incredibly expensive to repair!

To further clean the solar rooftop system, one can utilize a solar panel cleaning kit. These kits usually include a wiper, biodegradable soap, and a long-handled brush.

Your solar rooftop should be cleaned regularly throughout the year. Dirt, bird droppings, leaves reduce the solar panels’ efficiency.

According to a Google study, after cleaning their carport solar panels, which were flat and could not be cleaned by the rain, the energy output doubled overnight! After 8 months, when the panels were cleaned again, the output increased by 36 percent. They concluded that cleaning these solar panels was the number one way to increase their energy efficiency.

Neglecting cleaning your rooftop solar system could cost you money that you should ideally get back in the years. Though the maintenance is low, if you don’t clean them, they could lose up to 15 to 25 percent of their efficiency; costing you even more money in the long run. It’s vital to utilize this incredible investment smartly and to its maximum potential!

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Ashutosh P
Ashutosh P

Ashutosh has more than 18 years of experience in commercial banking and SME finance. He heads the branding and marketing for the company and is also the product head for the secured business finance and rooftop solar finance business. Ashutosh boasts over 20 years of extensive experience in the fields of commercial banking and SME finance. Currently, he holds multiple key roles within the organization, including heading the MD's office, overseeing Strategy and Marketing, and serving as the Product Head for the rooftop solar finance division. Additionally, he spearheads various initiatives that have been instrumental in driving the company towards achieving significant impacts in environmental sustainability and financial inclusion.

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